We recommend:
▪ hiking and cycling
▪ The open-air museum, museum of icons and the collection of art by Zdzislaw Beksinski in Sanok
▪ visits to galleries and studios of the regional creators
▪ buying local products (food, preserves and many others)
▪ nature observation
▪ photographing the beauty of the area
▪ kayaking on the River San
▪ mushroom picking
▪ riding the historic narrow-gauge railway Przeworsk-Dynow-Przeworsk during the summer season
▪ The ecomuseum “Kraina Blekitnego Sanu”
▪ skiing opportunities – about an hour’s drive away
▪ trips to Przemysl, The arboretum in Bolestraszyce, The Przemysl Fortress, the castle in Lancut, The Krasiczyn’s castle and Rzeszow

Surroundings and tourist attractions

A cycling route 'The River San Valley' ('Dolina San')

There is a cycling route ‘Dolina Sanu’ – a well signposted educational and tourist route, which runs as follows: Laczki – Dylagowa -Sielnica – Ferry crossing – Bachorzec – Winne – Podbukowina – Wybrzeze – Slonne – Laczki

other routes:

Route 1 – Laczki – Dylagowa – Lesniczowka – Zohatyn – Piatkowa’s direction – Tarnawka – Iskan – Nienadowa – Dubiecko – Wybrzeze – Slonne (50 km)

Route 2 – Laczki – Dylagowa – Lesniczowka – Dabrowka Starzenska – Dynow – Pawlokoma – Dylagowa – Laczki (30km)

In addition, There is a yellow walking trail leading towards Bachorzec in the neighbouring village – Slonne

The Orthodox Church of St. Dymitr at Piatkowa

We also recommend, going to Piatkowa (by bike or on foot) to see the beautiful wooden Orthodox Church of St. Dymitr from 1732.

A Walking trail 'Three Paths of Identity - environment, history, culture'

The ‘Three Paths of Identity – environment, history, culture’ is an interesting walking trail (23 km), which is located on the border of the Dynowskie Foothills and Przemyskie Foothills by the Riven San.

The ruins of the castle in Dabrowka Starzenska

We recommend Dabrowka Starzenska with the ruins of a renaissance castle, built in the 16th and the 17th centuries and then rebuilt by the Starzenscy in the 19th century. The castle was burned after the Second World War. To this day, only the ruins of the western wing with two towers were preserved. The ruins are surrounded by a spacious park from the 18th and the 19th centuries, the neo-gothic chapel from the late 19th century and a beautiful alley.

The Broduszurki Nature Reserve

There is also The Broduszurki Nature Reserve. It is a peat-nature reserve with very valuable natural and landscape qualities, which is a natural habitat of the interesting: insectiverous sundew circumverting (a sundew plant).

Dubiecko Castle

A historic building from the 16th century, surrounded by a beautiful park, with a 300-year-old oak that brings luck, with a long history, renovated by the current owners. Nowadays, there is a hotel with a restaurant and a wine cellar.

‘The devil of Lancut’ Stanislaw Stadnicki was born in the castle, as well as the famous polish poet and bishop Ignacy Krasicki.

Dynow and charming railway station

Riding the narrow-gauge railway ‘Pogorzanin’ on the route Przeworsk – Dynow is a great tourist attraction. It only operates during summer and the ride is 40 km long. There is a tunnel in the village Szklary which is 602 m long. It is considered one of the longest tunnels in Europe on the route of the narrow-gauge railway. The train station in Dynow has the most representative building of all on the entire railway route, enriched with an additional attraction – a historic locomotive.

The Green Velo Cycling Route

Laczki are located in the Green Velo Cycling route corridor. Green Velo – ‘Cycling routes in eastern Poland’ is a cycling route through five provinces: Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Swietokrzyskie and Warminsko-Mazurskie. It is a ride through beautiful landscapes, with natural attractions, monuments and interesting places.

For more info visit:

Ulucz - The Ukrainian Orthodox Church

It is also worth visiting the architectural gem of Podkarpacie – the Orthodox Church in Ulucz – one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Poland, located on the hill of Debnik, in a small village Ulucz by the River San.

It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Podkarpacie.

We recommend getting to this incredible place either by bike (for those active and persistent) or by car.

The River San

Flowing at the foothills of Laczki, San is one of the largest Carpathian rivers. It is the main river of Bieszczady and The Dynowskie and Przemyskie Foothills.

The San Valley with its picturesque landscapes, has been used as a communication route for centuries. The basin of the River San is distinguished by rare landscapes, floristic and faunistic wealth, and the land through which the San flows is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Poland.

In addition to hiking and cycling, the surrounding area is good for water sports, kayaking in particular. The river flows through beautiful towns that are definitely worth visiting. The water trail from Sanok to Przemysl is 113 km long. It can be divided into 3-5 stages while planning accommodation – camps in Sanok, Temeszow and Dynow.